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What is the best roof for Hawaii and the extreme tropical weather conditions?

There are many choices for roofing and all the options can be confusing. Asphalt, cedar roofing, clay tile roofing, steel roofing and aluminum roofing are the most common options.

The first thing that comes to mind for most homeowners is “What will it look like?” A more important question would be to consider what will the roof look like in a few years after it’s been exposed to the intense UV light and salt air conditions we experience here in Hawaii.

Take a close look around your neighborhood and see how most roofing materials will fade, peel, crack, collect moss, mildew and algae. The majority of roofing products will be discolored within 5-8 years.

The Interlock Aluminum Roof has been embedded with Dupont Teflon and is resistant to moss, mildew and algae build up. It’s also warrantied against color fading, peeling, cracking or chipping.

How will your roof last in a windstorm?

Many roofs will not withstand intense tropical winds. The recent storms in Kailua had gusts of 100 mph which literally tore off hundreds of roofs on the island.

The Interlock roofs have been tested to 165 mph in Dade County Florida.

Will it rust?

Unlike steel roofing, the Interlock roof is not prone to rusting because it is made of Aluminum.

Fire resistance

Fire safety is a matter of concern for every home owner. If you choose the aluminum roofing, you need not have to worry as this can protect you and your family from extreme weather conditions and a catastrophe like fire. A Class A fire rating is available on the Interlock Aluminum Roofs.

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 Posted on : March 27, 2014
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