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The roof is the biggest, and can be the most expensive part of the house to repair. For these reasons, many homeowners easily get freaked out whenever they encounter a roofing problem – because if it is something wrong with the roof, it is often very difficult to resolve on one’s own. However, much like any other repair in the house, there are roofing issues that appear easy enough for a homeowner to do on his/her own. While there are other issues that will require technical expertise and more advanced tools and equipment. However considering all the usual roof problems homeowners encounter, how do they know when to call an expert? How do they know when it is a serious matter that requires expert attention? To help you out, here are some of the most common roofing problems that will require expert roofer service:

Weathering – Roof materials naturally deteriorate over time. However, different types of roof material have varying deterioration rates. Organic materials for example, tend to deteriorate faster than inorganic materials. And when these materials weaken, the damages are often irreparable. Hence, the only option you have is to replace the entire roof. And when talking about roof replacement, only expert roofers can do this well. While you may be as hands on as you like in the process, this is a complex procedure that you need to entrust with experts in roof installation.

Design flaws and inaccuracies – One of the most common irreversible roofing issues is bad roof design or installations. Problems with the initial design often results to weak structures that support the roof that may eventually bend under active and heavy loads. Moreover, poor design also leads to improper sloping that further results to faulty drainage, which results to water accumulation. In a nutshell, many serious issues result to poor roof design. The thing is, this problem is usually very expensive to repair. Hence, most homeowners opt for complete roof replacement, which needs to be entrusted only to expert roofers.

Serious water damage – One of the easiest signs to tell when a roof is failing is when you experience serious water damage inside the house. When this happens, you will observe water marks on the wall paper and the ceiling; worse, holes on the ceiling may form, allowing water to drip inside the house during stormy days. Serious water damage is usually cause by poor drainage system in the roof. Although you can remedy the leaks as often as you can, you can only stop these issues for the long run by allowing expert to resolve your faulty drainage system. They will usually replace the gutter itself, correct the alignment and make sure water drains properly from the roof to the ground. They will also patch up water leaks on your ceiling and will recommend ways on how you can clean your gutters on your own.
Roofing issues are some of the most expensive problems to repair. However, not all roofing problems will require expert roofers. Say tightening gutter screws and hinges for example. These are maintenance procedures you can nonetheless do on your own. However, when matter go worse, do not hesitate to call expert roofers as you would not want to waste your effort repairing the problem on your own over and over.

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 Posted on : March 3, 2014
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